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Transform Arts CIC seeks to spark unique creativity in all the children and young people we work with. 


We empower participants to create amazing art! But this is just one aspect of what happens during our sessions and projects.  We recognise and support the personal development that takes place during a creative journey. We know that making art is a proven tool for much wider learning and change making.  We create a welcoming, safe environment for everyone to grow in confidence and learn new skills while having fun! 


We work outdoors whenever possible because it is active, inspiring and being messy is OK. 


We design projects with room for the young people involved to shape the outcomes and consult with them as early as possible. We offer opportunities to work in a wide variety of art forms. We introduce children to high quality contemporary and traditional processes, artwork and artists, in person when possible. We set our desired learning outcomes but also leave room for experimentation and freedom

For a generation who can be overwhelmed by passive screen based experiences we promote the active participation in practical activities, full awakening of the imagination and the deeper satisfaction of making something more slowly by hand and problem solving along the way rather than gaining instant gratification

We seek opportunities to showcase the artwork created in exhibitions or make site specific work for public spaces allowing the young people to shine brighter!​  






Transform Arts CIC believes that everyone has a right to take part in art and culture no matter what their background, whether they are geographically, financially or otherwise disadvantaged.  


We seek to provide high quality creative opportunities for children and young people who are experiencing barriers to their participation in the creative arts. We believe the arts can and should have an essential civic role, helping people connect and understand each other breaching societies' preconceptions of age, background and ability.  

We aim to create partnerships between schools, organisations and individuals to ensure sustainable benefits from our projects. 

We aim to embed arts award delivery into our work whenever possible. The achievement of these qualifications is something for the young people to be really proud of and can become stepping stones to further achievement.

Where possible we will use art as a tool to explore and tackle the issues that affect the young people we work with or the local social or environmental issues.  The art can help communicate ideas promoting more positive attitudes, behaviors and understanding.


     for those 

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DSC_1880 - Copy.JPG

The ability to solve problems by approaching things slightly differently, the readiness to discover new things for yourself, an openness to new ideas – these are all aspects of creativity which stand people in excellent stead in their lives as a whole, within work and beyond. (Creative Scotland's Creative learning Plan)

It is essential that a breadth of experience is available to nurture the talents of those who may wish  to enter the creative industries which make up a whopping 5.3% of the UK's economy.

Being engaged with the arts as artist or audience is not only a way to live a fuller and happier life; There is a huge amount of evidence to show that  arts participation in childhood raises attainment levels in all subjects.  It nurtures confidence, well being and provides a multitude of skills.  It develops personal qualities such as the ability to express your ideas, feelings, values and unique vision. Later in life it increases employability, social mobility and the likelihood of gaining a degree.

Transform Arts CIC provides the essential arts element for well rounded childhoods, equipping young people to be successful and fulfilled individuals, able to meet challenges  with creativity, adaptability and innovation. 









we love it when children are:

  inventing,  collaborating, creating

    playfully, asking questions, 

      expressing themselves in new ways

       Gaining confidence, positive
          attitudes & new skills, 

            learning through their 

              mistakes, becoming

                Passionate about art

                  shaping the future

                    of their places 

                      and lives 

                        for the



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